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Show Your True Colors

It takes all kinds!

It takes all kinds!

Self-awareness is a useful characteristic to have. When you are self aware, not only are you confident in the positive traits you possess — like being optimistic or creative — but it also makes you aware of where you fall short, in areas such as planning ideas out or following through with a project, and can work on changing that. No one is perfect; everyone has some skill they could work on improving. But how do you find out what is your strong suit and where your weak spots are?

True Colors is a personality assessment that can do just that. It is a simple test you take that will determine what sets of skills make up your “personality spectrum.” Companies may use it to assess their employees, to make sure their teams are evenly balanced with the proper personality types (you don’t want too many strong-minded personalities in one area, and have another area lacking in leadership!). Teachers and professors may use it to gauge what types of students they are working with. It is a valuable tool for anyone who is marketing themselves to show exactly “how” they will fit on a team.

So how does this apply to those who are searching for work, or who already have a job?  When writing cover letters and interviewing, you will want to place emphasis on certain ‘soft skills’ that appeal to prospective employers. If you are already working, you may want to develop some of these soft skills to become a better team player, more efficient with your responsibilities, and may make your work more enjoyable, in general.

True Colors Are Not Black and White

LV ColorTest2You probably possess soft skills that you aren’t even aware of! And not everyone will be a ‘solid’ color. More than likely you will possess skills that fall under one category color and some skills that fall under another. This is a good thing; you want to have a good balance of skills to offer your employers. And you also want to let employers know that you are aware of any shortcomings you may have and that you are working on improving them. This will illustrate your self-awareness, ability to take criticism, and the ability to turn that criticism into a positive.

Where can you take this test? Many variations of the True Color test exist, and the best thing to do is to find the one test that you think is thorough, fair, and descriptive. If you don’t agree with your results, you can either take another test, or reflect on why you think the results are incorrect. Above all else, the True Colors assessment is a learning activity, one that will make you aware of behavior and communication patterns that you can apply to the real world.

Here is an example of a True Color test, which offers a little bit of background on the research and application of the test.

Remember to answer questions honestly, according to what you think, not what you believe others think, or how they see you. This is all about you!

If you’d like to learn more, or have an assessment with a certified professional, contact us at

Author: Liz Haberkorn attended undergraduate school in upstate New York, 20 minutes from the Canadian border. She moved down to DC after graduating and now works as an editor/production specialist at a non profit for physical therapy. She also holds a master’s degree in electronic publishing from George Washington University. Liz Haberkorn lives with 3 borderline obese felines.

Artwork: Angela Meanix – more of her work may be found here

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