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For college students, the month of April and May are reserved for the mad dash of getting an internship. One will sit glued to his/her computer, Googling “internships” while drinking multiple cups of coffee. Cover letters became your expertise, and there are always revisions to be made on your resume. Amidst the frenzy of e-mails and phone calls, on one unexpected day something will bite. When your inbox loads that one e-mail, “Interview” or “Congratulations” everything stops. Thus beginning the whirl of the interview process. Clothes will be ironed, speeches will be practiced, handshakes will be perfected, and no matter how much prep is done you will still stutter during your introduction.

As a recent college grad, I am a veteran to the internship process. This year, in mid-May I received an e-mail from Living Vicky that began an opportunity I could not have imagined.

Within the first two weeks I found myself creating the Living Vicky Style Guide. As a graphic design major this translates to: utilizing all knowledge gained at school to create a document that will have a lasting impact on an organization, which translates to: every designer’s dream. Living Vicky didn’t give me small design tasks, instead I was able to jump in and get my hands dirty. The momentum and passion I found the first day at the internship bounded through the entire time I was at Living Vicky. Each person involved had an optimistic energy that was contagious.

Living Vicky was much more than an internship. I was treated like a fellow team member. My ideas and visions were valued and taken into consideration. Most importantly, everyone was tied together by the shared vision of Living Vicky’s goal. The work environment was fun, progressive, and constantly moving forward. I value my slice of time at Living Vicky. Not only was I able to work on projects that usually never grace the desk of an intern, but also was able to build relationships with incredible women who want to make a difference. Can it get any better? Go Living Vicky!


Emily Sajewski is a graphic designer for Living Vicky. She is a part of the team that built Living Vicky’s visual identity. A recent college grad, Emily has been awarded a grant to study in Krakow, Poland for a year.

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